Big Bang Books releases mind boggling Comic Graphic series

Mind Boggling Comics by Big Bang BooksBhilai. The first issue of Ink Lab Comics published by Big Bang Books, is a perfect example of the future books. The reader is stormed through mind boggling ideas in as few words as possible. The rest is done through illustrations, which creates the necessary space to settle down a story. Though it may sound similar to any other comic, but there is a big difference. Satirical in character the stories give us a deep insight in to popular and well established beliefs. The theme of the February 2021 issue is diseases and it’s misconceptions. It challenges the word “common” as used in common cold, the science behind alopathy and homoeopathy, how a dog cures its dyspepsia. It includes four stories, one each contributed by Divya Tak, Anupam Arunachalam, Aakshat Sinha and Shikhant Sablania. They all hail from Delhi. A must read for those who have the gut to challenge unexplained practices.

  1. Shikhant Sablania aka Choorma, co-editor is a multifaceted artist working in the fields of visual art, graphic design, Illustration and comics. An avid traveler and a comic creator, he has created short comics on various online and offline platforms. He is currently working on his first graphic novel: African Caravan.
  2. Divya Tak is a game maker, designer, and illustrator. She finds new hobbies that can be turned into work.
  3. Anupam Arunachalam is a Delhi-based writer, illustrator and comic book artist. His work has been published by Penguin, Hachette, Tinkle, Pratham Books, Forbes Life, Mint, Campfire Graphic Novels and other well-known media houses. He is currently working on the Young Pandavas series of illustrated children’s books, published by Hachette.
  4. Aakshat Sinha is an artist and curator who also dabbles with the written word. Comic creator, festival director, poet and vagabond, he currently works and resides in Delhi with his family and Pearl, his canine master.
  5. BhuwanShrivastava is publisher of INKLAB and co – founder of bigbang books. His love for comics has made burn his money into graphic novel and comics. His experience of draining out money includes publication of graphic novels like “Amar Bari Tomar Bari Naxalbari” and “The Itch you can’t scratch”, both written by Sumit Kumar. His dream of sitting idle at home without worrying for payment cheques will always be a dream.

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